DELFIN BRANDS is the pioneering brand of active and shape wear apparel dedicated to providing you with innovative solutions through the very latest advancements in textile technology.

Founded in 2007, we launched with our HEAT MAXIMIZING COLLECTION, which incorporates Bio-Ceramic technology. This groundbreaking line ushered in a new era in apparel by offering a unique and effective material that efficiently reflects your body heat; thereby turning you into a calorie burning engine! A wide array of women around the world discovered the BIO-CERAMIC difference and reviews flooded in about them loving their DELFIN products and the results they were experiencing.

Our brand's steady growth prompted us to develop new products created from equally innovative, high performance materials. In 2013, we introduced our BIO-ENERGY COLLECTION that showcases MINERAL INFUSED fabric embedded with health promoting, natural ingredients. Then, in 2014 our BODY SLIMMING COLLECTION was born. This shape wear line contains micro-encapsulated fibers embedded in the fabric that promote healthier skin. Designed to wear under your everyday clothing, to help contour your silhouette.

In 2016, we added dye sublimation technology to enable us to create in-house designs! This led to our LUXE COLLECTION of Capris and Leggings. At the end of 2017, we began our MEN’S COLLECTION of products. We are happy to now offer apparel for the male fitness world.

Today, we continue to explore scientific advancements to transform the active and shape wear markets. Our main goal is to offer innovative products that assist our customers along their health and fitness journeys!

Thank you for considering DELFIN.